Better Glimpse into the ED "Chaos" - page 2

This past year during my CNA training, I had to shadow a nurse for a few days for three weeks. (Senior in High School, was in my schools CNA preparation class called Allied Health II). I shadowed in... Read More

  1. by   arabianeyez83
    OMG Kim that is completely unacceptable...people are taken off backboards right in triage...your dad would have been taken straight to a room..if there was no room ( someone who already has a disposition and is stable and is just waiting on a bed..would have been moved to the hall way) He's having trouble breathing and passing out! That would have a been a resuscitation in my ER...sorry that ER SUX!!! Write a complain in detail!
  2. by   KimGau
    Thanks everyone! I really felt bad for being mad because I know how hard all healthcare professionals have it. To clarify his being unattended the people in the hallway where not working they were just hanging out joking about their day, and they were only there for maybe 30 minutes of the 3 hours. I had not thought about writing a complaint, but that hospital did offer me a position observing in the ER and I wondered If I could be in that situation, witnessing such poor patient care and not say or do anything. Thanks everyone for the kind words and for making me feel like Im not such a horrible person for getting so angry.