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Anyone have any opinions on the best/most comfortable shoes to wear while working on the floor? My New Balance walking shoes just aren't cutting it. I love my Birkenstock sandals, but don't know... Read More

  1. by   gizzy76
    I currently wear Birkenstocks and they took about a year for me to get really used to wearing them.

    During nursing school I had a pair of Clogs from and they were awesome. I believe they were called Euro Clog. Slip resistant and quite comfortable. I'm quite tempted to get another pair.

    I know a few gals who wear Jungle Pro by Merrill. I have a pair of slip in sneakers by Merrill and they're comfortable but I've never worn them to work for a day to see how they hold up.
  2. by   KeniRN
    Got my Z-Coils. I LOVE 'EM!!!! Wore them for 16 hrs and NO KNEE or BACK PAIN!!!!!! WOOOO-HOOOO! :hatparty:
    Just thought I'd share. If anyone wants to check them out:

    I'll still wear my Danskos, just not for my 16 hr shifts
  3. by   tmiller027
    I wear Nike Air Monarchs. They're very light and durable and extremely comfortable. Not to mention, they really put a bounce in your step. I have very large feet, 13 wide, so its a major undertaking for me to find ANY shoes that fit, but I managed to find these and am glad I did.
  4. by   Renee' Y-Y
    The other thing you might consider is "arch support inserts". I went to a place called "Good Feet" & paid about $70 for a pair...however, I went from being able to barely walk at the end of a 12 hour shift to absolutely no feet problems at all. They were only guaranteed for about a year but I've been wearing the same pair going on about 2 years now. The other thing with this place is that they actually take measurements to "fit" you with the best opposed to just picking something off the shelf in the grocery store. You can also take them from shoe to shoe, so you could probably wear any shoes you wanted.