Best path to take for a nursing degree?

  1. Hi guys!

    Im kind of in a tough situation. (Please no judging).
    I have a low cumulative gpa of 2.6 and a prerequisite gpa of a 3.6. I am currently applying for accelerated nursing programs, but I know how competitive these programs are.
    I also have the option to apply to the regular Bsn programs and the associate nursing program and then move forward from there.
    There is a college with a nursing program that will take me 3 years to graduate, whereas an associate degree will take me one year (2 semesters) to graduate and then some colleges have the option to directly apply to the master of nursing program after the associate degree (and a year of working as a nurse).
    What option do you think is best?
    Im 24 and don't want to be in school for so long and want to get into the MSN program asap. But I also wanna take the best path possible.
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