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  1. Can anyone tell me some of the best paid RN positions available WITHOUT a Masters??? Is it floor, agency, Army, oncology, pediatrics, etc?? There are so many directions in nursing today. I have a friend that is a RN that does home health PIC lines and makes a BUNDLE!!! Just wanted to get everyone's opinion.

    Also, is there any nursing positions that you can work from home?
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  3. by   cindyln
    I am a ADN RN,work in an army hospital on a mother/baby floor and make $22 and change an hour.Hope that helps.In this area I have found the government pays more than the civilian hospitals and no low census days.
  4. by   JNJ
    The best paid positions occur where demand outstrips supply. This is also where you will find the most creative shift/working conditions. Any unit that is using agency or traveling nurses is saying they have a demand/supply problem. However, there is a new shift toward independent nursing. An independent does not undercut the agency/traveling nurse; that's not necessary or professionally appropriate. S/he negotiates for similar pay to the agency who are charging 1.5 to 2 times what they pay the RN doing the work. So independents of my acquaintaince are earning $65 per hour. Check out Needs membership to access the forum, but the expertise, intelligence, support available there is worth $.

    I'm an independent, an approvel Medi-Cal provider, but I accept the Medi-Cal rate of $31.94 per hour. I'd earn base rate $36 per hr in my speciality in the local hospital, but I'd probably be working this Christmas, 12 hour shifts (which are too long as I get older) and at the hospital's beck and call. 'Best' pay is different things to different RNs. I'll settle for less if the stress is less and I get to plan my own schedule. Other, younger RNs might be willing to work long nights for higher pay. Most specialties have niches which are well paid, but they are usually not with large organizations which have pay structures. You may be willing to be paid less to get a great training which you can use to earn more $ later e.g. OR.

    There is nothing in any Nurse Practice Act that restricts indpendent nursing. Just be aware that it needs to be done right and remember the hidden costs of mini home office, responsible for own taxes, no financial benefits etc. For me, autonomy is worth lots of $$. Hope this helps. Good Luck. JNJ
  5. by   julieK
    I'm new to this site, but I figured I'd jump in. I, too, would be interested in finding out pay potentials for newly trained RN-BSN's, especially in the NYC area. I'm currently in a one-year accelerated program to get my BSN and sit for the RN exam. I would be willing to work 3 12 hour night shifts.

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  6. by   Jay Levan
    I'm sorry, but I fail to understand you? On the one hand you tout "Independent Nursing" as a field that reimberses you well, and on the other you appear to bemoaning the fact, that one must withhold their own applicable taxes, and have a small home office. Are you not aware of the benefits, of these two items? 1) You get to withhold as much (or little) tax as you deem necessary to placate our federal and state governments. 2) and here is the beautiful part, all you need to do is advertise, let's just say a car window decal "Nurse for Hire, Call 555-1234 for details"(fictitional of course), plus there are all kinds of ads on the internet for 250 free business cards. Start handing them out in grocery stores, restraunts, anywhere you go on a regular or irregular basis, and guess what, --yep!-- you are in business. As such there are literally thousands of "Tax Advantages" that you are entitled to. I could not explain them all to you here,however if you put that decal on your auto rear window and keep all your fuel receipts you are allowed to take 50% of that total off your earned income, all expenses incurred for maintenance of that vehicle are also tax deductable. Saving your receipts for moneys received, shows "An intent to make a profit" I am no Tax Guru or even a tax advisor but I have been doing this for years, just by working over 50 miles from home, because most of these "Write Offs" apply to travelers as well. My wife and I usally receive 50 - 75% of all taxes paid in at the end of the year and we are still told by many of our friends, and associates, that we could do better. I think the message I am trying to convey to you is, challenge yourself to find this information and take full advantage, of your "Independent Status"