Bemiji/cass Lake/leech Lake Mn Ihs

  1. my friend is a PA and is going for 3 months to Leech Lake..what should she know about this area and its people?
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  3. by   cinja
    I grew up in northern Minnesota, 60 miles east of Bemidji. A few questions first. When is this person going? i.e. winter, spring What is the sex of person going? What is ethnicity of person going? Where will the person be lodging at? Answer those questions and I will tell you more than you want to know about the area.
  4. by   texascowgirl
    she is supposed to start Oct 1. female. hasnt found lodging yet. all she knows is she would be working in leech lake. please tell me ANYTHING you know. she would be there for three months. she is caucasian.