Bed Number Ten

  1. Hi all..

    I am starting a RN program in January and we are required to read the book "Bed Number Ten" by Susan Baier.. And I was just curious as to if anyone has read it and if so what they thought about it...

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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Nope, sorry...never read it, never heard of it. We had to read one written by an old woman who had spent time in a nursing home (but I can't remember the name). Most of my fellow students hated it but I actually rather liked it. Presented the nursing home picture from the resident's viewpoint. Dang, wish I could remember the name...
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    This one is about a lady who gets Guillain-Barre syndrome.. and is completely paralyzed 48hrs after her symptoms start.. From what I read on the back of the book, the book shows how "many" of the staff (nurses, dr's, etc) treated her poorly, acting as if her mind was gone also.. But it also shows the loving side of "many" of the staff and her family... And she is telling the story as to how she was treated.. The good and bad sides... It is a true story...

    Maybe everyone should check into reading it..