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Two days ago I had to call 911 b/c of chest pains (23yr) they do all the standard xrays and ecgs and it all turns out ok. Yesterday I ended up at the er again and this time they did blood tests my... Read More

  1. by   Danianne
    No they don't have RN to make follow ups or anything they just send the labs to the PCP when they come in and some times the PCP follows up and other times they don't. Canada's system is VERY Different than the US one so as far a legalities are concerned there is no CEO there is a Health Authority which is like a small government and they make all descisions regarding the are in which they control. Norhtern BC has been plagued with massive staff shortages and lack of supplies like most other places BUT no one wants to come here because of the weather and the isolation.... we dont have pizza hut, The GAP, Old Navy or other amenities that big cities have. Like I said MOSt of the Nurses here are absolutly Awesome I think I was just saying that the system of hospital care here is very very scary
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    From my experience, it sounds like typical treatment. I hope you're doing better.

    *removed specific facility name* - Ratched

    I noticed that my post was edited to "remove specific facility name". I didn't state a facility name, so why was it edited?
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    I have gotten I little PM that told me that I was rude so I make a pubic apology to those whomI have offended. I didn't say the nurses were aweful I just said that the hospitals were. I honestly think that the nurses here in BC are wonderful they just work in a horrible system.
    I don't think you were being rude - I think you were being realistic. I ran away from healthcare in Canada, so I kind of know where you're coming from. I too used to live in Prince George back in 1972. Between them and Vancouver, they saved my life. However, healthcare now sure doesn't compare to what it used to be.

    Canada is vastly different than the US. After traveling for years and seeing a lot of different facilities, the two countries can't be compared.
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    exactly. I ment public apology not pubic :imbar
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    exactly. I ment public apology not pubic :imbar
    I didn't even notice that typo! ROFLMAO!