Baylor Shifts

  1. Can someone explain how Baylor shifts work? I also would like to know if there are hospitals in Massachusetts that have them.
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  3. by   Elenaster
    I currently work what's traditionally called a "Baylor" or weekend plan, although we have a different acronym for it at my facility.

    They differ from hospital to hospital, but the schedule I work consists of 12-hr shifts on Saturday and Sunday, plus 3 additional 12-hour shifts on a weekday in a 6-week work schedule ( I work 2 Fridays and 1 Monday). Essentially, I work 60 hours in 2 weeks and I get paid for working 80 hours.

    On night shift, the weekend people work Friday, Saturday and every other Sunday.

    Some hospitals only require the 2 weekend days.
  4. by   bobnurse
    You can also work two 8 hour shifts on saturday and sunday for a total of 32 hours, but get paid for 40......I think thats how the baylor plan originated..........
  5. by   heartICU
    There are two weekend programs at the hospital I used to work at:

    The "weekender" program was two twelve hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday, and you get paid for 32 hours.

    The "weekender plus one" program was two twelve hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday plus a twelve hour shift sometime during the week, and you get paid for 44 hours.