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I want to become a nurse....I am currently enrolled in a University with my major undeclared. I want to know if poor vision will keep me out of the nursing program or out of this career. I work,... Read More

  1. by   lissyrn
    Quote from cannoli
    I think she was out of line. As long as you can function and do your job, what's the problem?

    If she has a problem with your eyesight, get a note from the doctor saying that you see well enough to function as you need to.

    If your job is threatened, call a lawyer, sounds to me like she is way out of line.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.
    Thanks for the support. I need it.

    I work in an ambulatory area. DON says that patients will see me holding things up close to my face, they will be worried about my vision and not want me taking care of them. The thing is--when I hold small-printed things, like insullin syringe close up to my eyes, I see the lines PERFECTLY. I've held small print close to my eyes since grade school, and never had a problem functioning in any way. Now, all of a sudden, it's an issue.
  2. by   Katnip
    I definitely don't think what patients think should be an issue. Heck I'll bet very few have perfect vision and have squint, hold things close, hold things far...they understand.

    I think your DON just has a weird hang up.

    Anybody every try bifocal contacts? I'm just wondering. For some reason I can't seem to manage bifocal glasses...I have a hard time tilting my head all over the place. I was wondering if you have to do the same with contacts.
  3. by   lissyrn
    Get this--yesterday she watched me draw meds. I stupidly forced myself to wear my new bifocals-(which I can't get used to al all) and held the syringe 4-5 inches from my eye...what a disaster!! Made a complete fool of myself.

    Tonight I made a decision--they can discipline/fire me for being inaccurate--but NOT FOR holding the syringe close to my eyes. When I hold it close to my face, I draw EVERYTHING UP ACCURATELY.. that is what I am going to do--be accurate, as always. No more trying to please them.. I am going to do what is comfortable for me. As long as I am accurate, they can hold nothing against me. If they continue to make an issue of my eyesight, despite the fact that I have demonstrated accuracy, then I do have grounds to consult a lawyer.

    Feel better. Thanks
  4. by   lissyrn
    ps in answer to ?--can't wear contacts. Have a condition called "steep corneas"..Contacts hurt like @#$^****