Background Checks For CNAs

  1. Does any one Know if Juvenile offenses will affect being able to be a CNA?
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  3. by   JamesfromMaine
    does any one know the answer to my question? I really need to know cause I want to be a CNA and then become a nurse but I have a Juvenile record!
  4. by   sjt9721
    Your best bet is to call the licensing board(s) in the state where you live. This website has CNA information:
  5. by   JamesfromMaine
    lol thanks just tryed calling and their office closed early due to a Snow Storm we are getting! I hate snow when it ruins things I am trying to do!
  6. by   chrisg0705
    As far as I know, juvenile records are sealed. You could check with your local legal aid office.
  7. by   NessaNurse
    I'm pretty sure juvenile records are sealed. If you ask the adult people to get a transcript for it you wont ever find it. But for me I notified the BRN and attached a paper from the juvie office just in case they looked that far back (when I stood for boards I was 22 so I thought mayeb they might look back more than 4 years). you should be ok. HTH