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Okay,,,the ultimate price for being a nurse,,,,,,back pain. I have tried everything, minus the pain meds, for this back of mine. At times it feels as if the muscles are being wrung out like a... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    I'm with those who recomend Chiropractic. You must be careful in choosing a chirpractor. I have had excellent experience with chiropractic and bad experience.

    Not all chiropractors are equal. Choose carefully. Talk to your chiropractor. IF he/she hurts you or you experience pain after an adjustment that you did not previously have (for example a headache) get back to them immediately.
    Don't waite, don't just make another appointment. Give them a call and let them know you are on your way and go to thier office immediately.

    They should never charge you for more than one adjustment in a given day. Even if you need several.
    Talk to the chiropractor do not assume he knows what you are experiencing or feeling. Find one that enjoys patient teaching. The more you communiccate with your chiropractor and the more he communicates with you the better.

    Keep your eyes and ears pealed. If you find some with a complaint about a chiropractor find another one. SOME not all chiropractors will tell you it is a harmless practice. An honest one will tell you that it is not harmless and will even advise against excessive adjustments.

    In the beginning you will likely need more adjustments and more frequent ones until your muscles relax and stop pulling your spine back to it's old misaligned position. With time your adjustments should become less frequent. You may (depending on your situation) need regular adjustments or not, after that.

    If you find the intial schedule set up is too infrequent then go in early. Chiropractiors generally will accept seeing thier patients even without a prior appointment when they need to be adjusted earlier than anticipated. Though I ususally call as see what would be the best time to pop in but I can also just walk in and be seen fairly quickly.