Bachelor of Science (Nursing) Conversion Program for Registered Nurses

  1. Dear everyone:

    I am planning to apply a course in Australia for my future application for register nurse in Australia. Now I have found out a course just belowed. But I am not quiet sure it is qualified with my requirement. They only ask my as a currently register nurse in my own country, a nursing study for three years, a IETLS 5.0 score. As the course is expensive, one year for AU$16,500, so I am still doubt for that. Anyone who are registered nusre in Australia or know something about that, could you give me some advices about that course?

    Thanks a lot.

    Course details:

    This course is designed to build on the professional knowledge and experience of registered nurses, from hospital-based courses, taking the study of the biological and behavioural sciences underlying nursing to greater depth. Emphasis is placed upon themaintenance and further development of students professional competencies, upon increasing their capabilities as members of an inter-professional team in a changing health care system. The course will establish a basis for future postgraduate study for specialisation and research. All students will have the opportunity to study core concepts of nursing which are concerned with the well being of the individual, family and community and can be applied to any nurse situation. Utilisation of the problem solving approach is stressed, with particular focus on the identification and assessment of health problems and nursing needs of individuals and their families and on provision of appropriate nursing care to assist them to identify and meet their own health needs.

    Entrance Requirements
    Applicants must meet the University's standard entry requirements. Nurses registered with, or eligible for, registration with the Nurses Board of Western Australia as a general and/or mental health nurse will qualify for entry to the University on the basis of their professional qualification. Overseas applicants must have completed a nursing program of three years or more in length leading to registration, be currently registered in their own country and provide documentation to that affect. Overseas applicants may apply for the first semester intake.

    Communicable Diseases
    Prospective students are advised to contact the relevant Course Coordinator to determine whether the University's Policy on communicable diseases applies to specific courses offered by this area before making application for the course. Please refer to the General Information section of the Curtin Courses Handbook.

    Advanced Standing
    Advanced standing or exemptions may be granted to students who have successfully completed approved tertiary studies at Curtin. Applications for advanced standing are assessed on an individual basis. Students undertaking the Bachelor of Science (Nursing) Conversion Program for Registered Nurses will be awarded advanced standing equivalent to two and a half years.

    Duration and Availability
    The course is three and a half years full-time study in which students receive advanced standing equivalent to two and a half years. The remaining year of study required for graduation may be completed within one year full-time or two years part-time equivalent. The course will be predominantly comprised of units from the existing pre-registration Undergraduate Curriculum. Some units are available at regional centres. Many units are also available for external studies. External study programs must be arranged in consultation with the School's enrolment officer.

    Course Organisation
    The course will be predominantly of units from the existing pre-registration undergraduate curriculum. Some units are available at regional centres. Many units are also available for external studies. External study programs must be arranged in consultation with the Course Coordinator.

    Course Expenses
    A full list of fees is available upon request or at enrolment. In addition, students may be expected to purchase a number of textbooks, readers and other vital study materials and may, if required, also need to contribute some of the cost of consumables (which varies depending on area of study). * For a full list of and explanation of consumable fees, please refer to the Fees, Expenses and Allowances heading under the General Information section of the Curtin Course Handbook at

    Criminal Record Screening/Clearance
    Students are advised that Criminal Record Screening and Clearance may be required for students in specific courses offered by this area. Please refer to the General Information section of the Curtin Courses Handbook.

    Course Structure Hrs/Wk Credit
    Year 1 Semester 1
    300718 v.2 Sociocultural Perspectives on Health 132 3.0 25.0
    300728 v.2 Professional Practice Issues 214 3.0 25.0
    303779 v.2 Health Assessment 261 3.0 25.0
    SELECT 1 OPTION 25.0
    Year 1 Semester 2
    300720 v.2 Research Foundation in Nursing 213 5.0 25.0
    300740 v.2 Management in Health Care 417 3.0 25.0
    303793 v.2 Professional Practice Contract 394 8.0 25.0
    SELECT 1 OPTION 25.0

    Optional Units to Select From In Year 1 Semester 1 Hrs/Wk Credits
    300723 v.2 Lifespan Development 233 3.0 25.0
    007427 v.4 Aboriginal Health 111 3.0 25.0
    005152 v.4 Understanding Dying 260 2.0 25.0
    303826 v.2 Strategic Planning for Nursing 365 3.0 25.0
    001644 v.7 Human Biology 134 4.0 25.0
    300738 v.2 Behavioural Perspectives of Mental Health 336 3.0 25.0
    001643 v.6 Human Biology 133 4.0 25.0
    300734 v.2 Behavioural Perspectives on Families 335 3.0 25.0
    002919 v.4 Palliative Care Nursing 260 2.0 25.0
    300732 v.2 Health Concepts in Family Care 315 3.0 25.0
    300730 v.2 Behavioural Response To Illness 234 3.0 25.0

    the course is in the Curtin University of Technology
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  3. by   francis118
    Do you really want to register in Austrlia? If you do not mind working in another English speaking country, such as UK. You do not need to get degree in nursing. If you have 3 years diploma in nursing , IELTs is over 5 and have some experience. just apply some hospitals or universities in UK. They offer 6 monthes conversiton course , you will be registered after that and jobs are plenty. You can contact me for more details at
  4. by   renerian
    I give you alot of credit. I am from the states and found out I would have to attend school in Australia to work in Coffs where I found a hospital I was interested in. I cannot afford it, nor the expensive work visa fees.........hats off to you.....

  5. by   aus nurse
    Hey renerian, I was thinking of you today. I am doing my orientation for my new job and met an American RN. She arrived in Australa 3 weeks ago from the east coast, Virginia I think she siad. Says had no trouble registering and says no way is the visa that much.
    I think you have been given the wrong information.
    By the way, I have only ever been hospital trained back in the early 80's, don't have a degree at all, and I can work wherever I want.
    I reckon if you really want to work here you should check it out, from a different source.
    Coff's is a beautiful place, I live a few hours up the coast
  6. by   chinaway
    Sorry, i doesnot so understand your meaning. Are you in Australia just now? What is your problem?

    I am intending to go to Australia, if you have any information about that, could you contact with me? We can discuss together.

    my email is