Bachelor of Science in Health Care Services vs. BSN

  1. Looking for some input here. I have a 2 year ASN degree. I really have been thinking a lot about returning to school to obtain a bachelor's degree. I have been looking into my options of either obtaining the BSN or going for the BS in Health Care Services. Does anyone here have a BS in Health Care Services that you completed after a 2 year ASN program? If so do you find more job opportunities than if you would have a BSN? I really want to broaden my horizons and get away from bedside nursing. In our area of the state, having a BSN and working at the bedside makes no or little difference in your pay. Now I know once you get into management, the BSN makes a big difference. I don't think that I necessarily want to get into manangement of like an unit in a hospital or LTC. Maybe UR or something along those lines. I would appreciate any experience, suggestions, comments you may have about this subject. Thanks.
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  3. by   renerian
    Hello. I got my BS in February as the thought of nursing school did not interest me in the least. I am halfway through my MS program and I am doing distance eduation. I am considering going for my PHD after that. I want to teach. My major it nutrition. I love it. It is very hard though.