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For those of you who work in med-surg, do you do ativan, insulin, or alcohol continuous infusions on your floor? If so, how do you handle the frequency of the vitals you need to do, as well as... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Sorry, Bug, I guess I didn't word my question well.

    What I meant to ask: have you seen units where nurses can work with postpartum Moms and the newborns and NOT have to do labor and delivery?

    Or is it pretty much expected that the mother/baby nurse float to LD too?
  2. by   NurseLKY
    I work on a floor with 26 patients. We have 5-6 nurses working day shift. So it comes down to about 5 patients. On insulin drips accu checks and urine ketones are checked q 1hr. Then it depends on how sick the patients is to when vitals are done usually q2-4 hr.
  3. by   BugRN
    dear Mattsmom,
    I have seen it both ways, depending on the size of the unit. Larger hospitals will have seperate L/D staff. Post Part will too as well as nursery. I have worked both. I kind of liked doing all areas, a nice change, but I always loved Labor best.
  4. by   deespoohbear
    In our small county hospital, Cardizem, insulin, and nitro gtts go to the ICU. A couple of times a doc has tried to talk us into taking a insulin gtt on the med-surg floor but I absolutely put my foot down. When I have 6 or 7 patients, q1 hour accu-checks are a fantasy, not reality!! We do dobutamine and dopamine as long as it not be titrated and is lower than 5mcg/kg/min. I have seen Ativan gtts used in our ICU for vent pts, and a couple of very combative pts. We have heparin gtts all the time on med-surg. Heparin gtts don't scare me as much since the titration window is usually q6 hours. I give MS and Ativan both IVP on med-surg. Depends on the patient and the reason I am giving it whether I check the VS before administration. If the pt is in the process of beating me and the rest of the staff senseless, I figure their B/P is fine and give the Ativan. I agree with the poster who said if a pt is requiring q1hr anything, they are probably better served in an ICU or step-down unit. I have no problem speaking out about assignments that I believe are unsafe. Very interesting thread.