ATI testing for RN!!!

  1. Hi, hoping that some lovely person could help answer a question for me? I am an LPN and recently took a VERY long & difficult ATI entrance exam to attempt to get into a fast track RN program. Does anyone know anything about this test? It was 4 parts, Fundamentals of Nrsg, Med/Surg, Peds and OB. Was very hard, harder than the regular NCLEX-PN exam. So anyway, I don't know if I've passed or not, won't know for a few days, but each of my testing sections were higher than the National Average. Does that mean anything? Does anyone know?:heartbeat
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  3. by   nelpn2rn
    We use ATI at my school as well. Usually if you are above the national average you are ok. But each school is different in what exact number they want you to receive. Hope that helps.:spin:
  4. by   oncnursemsn
    Hi, I teach adult med-surg, and our students take the ATI at the end of the semester to guage where they "sit" compared to all other students in the same time of their education. If you score above the 50th percentile, you score better then half of all students who are where you are. Seems to me that you've done fine, but I don't know the criteria on which admission is based. Seems like you'll do very well in the fast track program- good luck! :redpinkhe
  5. by   NurseTammy74
    Thank you all, this does help some. Now I wait...thanks again.
  6. by   busbus3
    Hi I am really nervous about ATI testing for my fundamental class this is going to be my first ATI testing. I was wondering if someone who already took fundamental ATI testing and can suggest me to the area where to focus more or any other tips that helps me to pass my ATI in first time. I would appreciate it!