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Hi everyone, I am a stay at home mom and was looking into being a nurse at a children's hospital. Are their any schools that you can take that are acreditted and they count to getting a degree?... Read More

  1. by   kukukajoo
    Here is the list of all schools in CT for CNA.

    And here is the CT Dept of Public Health that has info on both aides and nurses.

    Gateway Community College has a good program for becoming a Nurse. You should be able to do much of the prerequesites online as well as the general ed courses needed to gradutate. Becoming an RN would be a great place to start once you get your CNA.
  2. by   CTstudent
    Here's the number. Educational Training of Wethersfield
    (860) 571-7666.
    It should be about an hour drive but call and find out if they have any closer locations.
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