Associate Degree vs Certificate??

  1. I am working on my pre-req for the RN program. When I finally graduate nursing school I will have an associate degree in applied science. I thought this would be wonderful. But after reading several posts it seems that a certificate would be more beneficial. I am somewhat confused. There are only two programs in my area. The hospital nursing school which has the certificate and the college with the applied science degree. The college was better for us due to many reasons. Especially distance. I am a country girl living in a rural area. The hospital is nearly 75 miles from me and the college is 30. So am I wasting time with the college? Will I have problems finding a job? Or does it really matter which you have as long as you are licensed by the state?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    What you are speaking of is a Diploma program. Once you graduate from any of the types of nursing programs, you will write the same NCLEX exam.

    You should not have any issues fidning a job.