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    I have been thinking of starting an assisted living home for awhile now...Im wondering if any of you have the same interest as me or are already running one. Want to know what its like. I have always been fond of elderlies and just feel sorry for them living alone in their homes with no one to take care of them.
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  3. by   amjowens
    I work at an assisted living facility. I had similar thoughts as yours before working there, in that I had a vision of a "refuge" from nursing homes. I've been really disappointed. We're essentially a nursing home without the regulations. I would love to find a place that made enough money to not be constrained by it so that staffing would be adequate and resources plentiful. Unfortunately, where I am, aides don't even have to be certified, and that is seen as a benefit because they don't have to get paid as much, but what we have are people who don't realize the importance of, for ex., wiping front to back. I'm still kind of shocked at the hypocrisy of using the Assisted Living sign, but within the place, actually worse than a nursing home because of lack of regulation. I know I sound negative, but as I said, at moment very disappointed (I had a lot of hope/vision when I started-about 4 months ago).