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  1. can anyone help - i am doing a return to practice course after a break in service
    I have to do two assignments i am attached to a medical / elderly ward - what would be good subject topics ? can anyone suggest something that i can find a fair bit of research on
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  3. by   spineCNOR
    How about fall prevention for your elderly folks?
  4. by   spineCNOR
    or...the ever popular "how to avoid medication errors"?
  5. by   Helori
    The most fun I ever had researching an assignment (not to mention the best grade I ever got) was a project on the place of humour in the nurse-patient relationship. Is laughter really the best medicine? It was great fun!!!:chuckle
  6. by   lisamcrn
    I sure like the idea of humour in the work place...something always needed. Or there is also bowel/bladder retraining related to incontinence, prevention of skin breakdown (basic approaches and including nutrition etc), approaches used for dementia/alzheimer's patients, or sundowners and it's effects. One big disappointment to me after long term care is the dining experience in general. How different people/or diseases affecting people, alter their dining experience and contribute to poor nutrition. How the meals are served and meal time are the greatest periods of interaction for some pts. LOL if I ever have my food brought to me fully served on a plate and one item gets intermingled with another food product I would throw a fit. Much less a plate already prepared, I find this to 'instituitonal' and inappropriate for the general elderly population...lack of choice and control. Or also how an ordered diet other than general effects someone.

    A few ideas....tired brain. Good luck. Lisa
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  7. by   jemb
    How about the need for DPAHC , and how to approach patient/family without scaring them?
  8. by   sooty40
    Thanks for the replies lots of ideas now - the problem with me is that i am not very good unless the choices are limited
    I agree with all the points raised and as for how the mealtimes are managed - i had forgotten how bad they can be
    sometimes wonder if i am doing the right thing but am enjoying it up to now