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  1. Need help understanding my CBC/DIFF and Urinalysis?
    Here is the CBC,

    WBC Low 4.25
    RBC low 3.87
    Hemoglobin low 10.3
    hematocrit low 31.8
    MCH Low 26.6
    RDW High 15.2
    C02 low 20

    Here is the Urinalysis
    urine blood- small
    urine leukocytes- small
    urine epithelial- 3+ ( I really don't understand anything about this)
    urine bacteria- moderate
    Hyaline casts- high 6
    urine wbc- high 22

    So I'm SO worried about all of this. I had to go get the results for the doctors office because the nurse wouldnt tell me anything on the phone. The doctor has ordered more test. Can anyone help me understand any of this???
    The test he ordered is Ferritin, Iron, TIBC, and stool for occult blood x2.
    I know my iron was ok last month, I gave blood and they checked it. And if it helps I'm 25 years old. Thank you SO much!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    interpretation of lab tests is not based soley on the numbers presented but also on medical history, symptoms presented, medications taken, etc.

    per our terms of service, we can not offer personal medical advice.

    this is not a medical advice bulletin board
    this is a board for nurses and nurses-to-be to discuss primarily nursing issues. this is not a free medical advice board. please be aware that cannot be responsible for problems resulting from reliance on medical or nursing advice received here. if you have a medical problem, please seek attention from your health care provider.
    urinalysis: the test

    national kidney foundation: what you need to know about urinalysis