As a BSN student in clinicals it seems like many floor nurses are "mean spirited". - page 3

Here are a few examples that I've experienced or witnessed during my time in clinicals: 1. It is common that I or one of my fellow students will ask a qustion, or simply say hello, good morning... Read More

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    Here are a few examples that I've experienced or witnessed during my time in clinicals:

    1. It is common that I or one of my fellow students will ask a qustion, or simply say hello, good morning ect to a staff nurse, LPN, or CNA and get absolutely NO reply. In the case of a question I've even asked several times on occassion only to be treated as if I wasn't even there (to me being absolutely ignored is almost worse than saying they won't, can't, or don't have time to answer a question).

    2. On another occasion I was accused of deliberately not giving a bed bath by a CNA. In fact, I had made a mistake. I was the "student charge" nurse and when I returned to my patients room (after performing "treatments" for fellow students) the door was closed. The REAL charge nurse said that the CNA was giving a bath to a patient so I should wait to enter (unfortunately I should have asked which patient, but didn't). Then when I did enter the room (after helping another student give a bed bath down the hall) there was a used bed bath pan on the table, and two wet towels there also. My patient was semi-comatose (CV accident) and was sleeping in any case so I couldn't ask him. I assumed that my patient had been bathed and went on assisting other students. At the end of the day when I was leaving the CNA wanted to know which student had room eleven. When I said it was me, she got right in my face and said "if you aren't going to do a bath then you should tell someone and if you can't do that then you have no business being a nurse!" This was in front of my instructor. I apologized and offered to do the bath right then, but was refused the opportunity. The next day I was assigned to a patient in the ICU stepdown unit. At first the RN who was also in the room (assigned to another patient also in the room) was very pleasant we even made various "small talk". Then the CNA who yelled at me the day before stopped by and they went into the hall to talk.

    After that the RN who had been pleasant became silent, she wouldnt' converse with me anymore. What is more when I went to give my patient a bed bath she criticised me at every step. She said I was too slow ("no hospital will ever hire you if you can't go faster than that"), and then criticised how I washed the perineal area saying I was being too gentle and not using enough water. When I went to change the water (as we are trained to do in school) she said I shouldn't leave my patients bed side during a procedure (I put the rails back up). I didn't say anything except that I was doing my best and would try harder. Finally, she accused me of deliberately doing a poor job so as to cause her to take over the procedure (which she did) and suggested that I should consider an alternative career. At this I nearly broke down in tears and went to see my instructor who re-assinged me to a different patient. However, the nurse in question walked into the room and said she wanted to talk to my instructor in private. She accused me of "patient abandonment" for leaving my patient (when I went to see my instructor and was reassigned). My instructor said she was probably mad at me because the CNA in question was written up for the way she confronted me on the previous day. Honestly, it seems like maybe 25% of the staff nurses (and I'm being conservative in my estimate) would just as soon we were not there. This is the first time I've ever experienced anything this dramatic and it's been bothering me for a few days now to the point I can hardly sleep. I swear, that IF I make it through school that I will go out of my way to be nice to furture nursing students who are doing there best!

    I am so sorry that you are havinga hard time. I am also a BSN student who has experienced some negative staff in prior places that I have done clinicals. The good news is that not all places are like this. Right now I am at a hospital were all of the staff has gone out of there way to help us with anything. They have also shown us that they are confident that we are able to perform up to their expectations. My only advice is to not apply their after graduation!! Being a nurse you will have so many opportunities, you will see that you will soon forget them. Keep your head up.
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    2. On another occasion I was accused of deliberately not giving a bed bath by a CNA. !

    I'm so sorry you were treated this way. It just makes me sick that this goes on and that that nurse would suddenly turn on you after talking to the CNA.
    I work at a large teaching hospital and we have nursing students quite a bit. I love having them because I find they are eager to do well, learn, and put to use what they've acquired in school. Any nurse or CNA that seeks to crush those opportunities is a disgrace to humanity.
    My first comment is that if CNAs or nurses are to work at a hospital that takes nursing students, they better darn well treat these students well and help them learn!! If they can't do that, then they shouldn't work at that hospital, it's that simple.
    Fortunately, at least on my floor, our unit is so great and the work ethic is so great that we all do our part and I have not seen such atrocious behavior there. However, I know it happens at other places and I've seen it my own clinicals when I was in the ADN program.
    I feel for you. When you graduate and look for a job, research the unit and talk to everyone when you go for interviews to get a feel for whether people build each other up there, or tear down. Some units will be better than others and hopefully after considering your employment opportunities, you will find a unit that is conducive to new graduate development and positive staff morale.
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    We LOVE our students.......we remember our times in clinicals and some of these students look absolutely 'shell shocked', so we really 'baby' them and let them know that it is really 'ok'.......they are so eager to learn and we really love teaching them the 'little things'.
    They come on Thur/Fri and we know that we are going to get a little 'break' while they are the end of clinical rotation, it is sad to see them leave as we have become friends & fellow 'troops in the trenches' so-to-speak.......I'm hoping that this incident was just that, a incident.......most of us are glad to have the students with us. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!