Army, navy, airforce, or hospital?

  1. As a student about to start studying nursing, i am now considering nursing in the military, but i dont know which military field is better. What do you think? Army, navy, airforce or should i keep away from all three and stick to the hospitals.
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  3. by   Chuckie
    Go Army all the way
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  4. by   KatWright
    When I graduated, I felt the same way. I thought that I wanted to serve in the military. I talked to the various recruiters and one of them told me to work for a year in a military hospital and if I still wanted to enlist, then come on back !!
    Now, 27 years later, I could be retire from that, get retirement money and be onto a second career!!! But I was young and stupid....
    Plus, the educational advancement, professional advancement and othe benefits are really good in the military.
    Talk to someone that has served recently and ask them to list the pros and cons.
  5. by   Dave123
    There are several things to think about before you decide to join the military.

    You are definately going to see and do things that few others will ever understand. But what is expected of you will also be something that few others will ever understand.

    I would be happy to further explain it if you send an "E".

  6. by   kennedyj
    I am an RN and have been in the Army 11 yearsand will stay in for 20. It has been good for me (travel, pay, experiences) but to be honest I would recommend the Air Force. They seem to take care of their people better. To do anything in the Army has been a fight the whole way up. People who should support you tend to be obstacles (BUT JUST MY OPINION). You have great oppertunities to travel, which are wonderful. I was in Italy 5 years, Colorado 5 years, and now Germany 3-5 years, then hopefully Hawaii (5 years) and would do it all again.

    Check into the reserves and see what kind of scholarships they have. That may be something to check out too.
  7. by   armyrn
    I am currently an RN in the army (3+ years) and plan to stay for a 20 year career. I have had the chance to work in a lot of different areas and once I chose the area I wanted to specialize in, I got to go to an excellent training course to learn how to do it. I'm currently in the operating room and it's great. I can't recommend one service over another, but the army for me has been great and I would certainly encourage you to join.