Are you burned out?

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    are you currently experiencing psychological stress disorders?(ex. burned out, anxiety, depression, etc.) if so, how would you relieve psychological stress? did you find it helpful?

    my feet hurt. but when i have a stressful day i just think to myself no one is perfect and tommorow is another day and that usually puts things into perspective. and its not the end of the world, just take a warm bath and be thankful that your alive and healthy.:wink2:
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  3. by   StNeotser
    Exercise is a good one. I cycle. I'd say anybody can cycle regardless of body type.

    There are days I have when I just don't think I can do this for another twenty years or so though.
  4. by   Sailingshoes
    Diet and exercise.....I agree with cycling cause it's easy on the feet. Family and friends, and changing jobs/departments. Feeling good physically and spiritually is a huge support for me when the job gets tough. Sometimes just taking a walk in nature does wonders for the soul and the body therefore lifting the mind.
  5. by   anne74
    I wish I could say exercising or walking in nature helped me. The best thing I ever did to relieve my anxiety/stress was to switch jobs. I quit floor nursing and moved to Pre-Op/PACU and I'm so much happier now, not to mention I have better hours and actually have a life outside of work. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. So my recommendation in relieving stress is to find the right job where you fit, and you're happy.