are CNAs supposed to write on service plans?

  1. I have a question about something that mgmt. is trying to get us to do. The Activities Director came to me today (I'm a nursing assistant at an ALF) and asked me where the service plan book book for the unit was. When I didn't know, he proceeded to gently let me know that I should be able to quickly find it at all times. He also showed me the pages of the book, listed the care plan and social history of each resident, and told me that we would be expected to read through it every day and write in it. He will audit this every week from now on, so we have to do this.
    Is this protocol for assisted-living facilities now? We used to lock the residents' histories in the nurse's office (probably due to HIPAA regs). Now we're expected to keep this book near and dear to us and know the contents cold. I just don't know if this is normal nowadays for NAs or when I'll even have time to do this (lemme guess, during my break).
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