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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me where at I could go to... online or even in books to get help on how to master "application tests?" The questions are written as a scenerio with one or two clues to help you choose the correct/best answer.

    I truly would appreciate any direction or advice and/or words of

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  3. by   ShannonB25
    One book that I've found helpful as a student is called "Test Success: Test-taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students" by Nugent and Vitale. I picked it up as a recommended supplement at my college during my first semester and it has proven helpful in working through those application tests.

    Another thing that has helped me has been to purchase a couple of NCLEX review books and study those on the topics that we are going over in class (med/surg, peds, etc). Since they are in the multiple choice format and include rationale for correct answers, it has really helped me to understand why one of the two choices is the "best" answer (or at least why it would more than likely be the one the instructors are looking for!)

    Hope this helps!

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