Apple Watch notifications for tasks.

  1. I'm a NSICU nurse and like everyone else I stay quite busy. When I get a busy pt I sometimes forget the smaller hourly tasks like measuring urine or even EVD readings. 😳

    I recently purchased an apple watch with the thought of using it for work. Really the only way I could justify spending the money. I really just want an app or an easy way to set up hourly reminders while I'm working. All I need is a reminder that it is a new hour so I can quickly grab my readings and get back to what I'm doing. All to often I get busy and don't realize the time.

    I know now I can set just a regular alarm. But is there an app or another way to make this simpler? I'm Flex so some shifts are days and some are nights so ease of turning on / off is a must. Any suggestions????
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  3. by   Purple_roses
    I think you can say "Siri remind me to <insert task> in one hour."
  4. by   Jwstoops
    But wouldn't I have to do that every hour?