Anyone work five 8's in a row 11p-7a? - page 2

I'm about to graduate an RN in May and have been interviewing for oncology jobs (already work as a student associate on an onc floor). One floor I'm interested in only offers 8-hour shifts. Has... Read More

  1. by   TiffyRN
    Back when I worked 8's I went several months working five 8hr shifts in a row. It was fine. I like working my days in row because I get to know my assignment. And if I don't like my assignment, I'm not afraid to ask for re-assignment.

    I have been known to work as many as six 12's in a row and that's WAY harder than that many 8's in a row. Working that many 12's in a row is really exhausting, not like working 8's. Having said that; I prefer overall to work 12hr shifts.
  2. by   HisHands
    I am currently working 8's, but did 12s in the past. I hate hate hate working 5 days a week, but it's my option at the moment. Before, if I had to work 5 days a week doing 12s, at least I had the incentive of A- massive overtime, and B- probably having a stretch of 4-5 days off in a row. Now, my work week seems endless. Obviously, I'm a strong 12 lover.