anyone use lovenox in odd doses? i.e. 76mg? - page 3

Hi everyone, this is a question for those who work often with Lovenox. I know it is available in 30 and 40mg syringes that are not to be messed with or the air bubble expelled due to possible... Read More

  1. by   glasgow3
    All right I am a bit slow on the uptake this morning. Three pages on this thread and I still don't understand the original poster's infraction.... At least not beyond the facility's/physician's expectation that the lovenox be given in precise (as ordered/weight based) doses.

    1) Is the facility saying that it is not possible to give precise dosing by wasting a portion of a premixed syringe ?

    2) If so, are multiple dose vials available with the expectation that they be used?

    3) Is someone witnessing your waste and arguing that you are doing so incorrectly?

    4) How are others administering Lovenox on your unit such that they are avoiding write-ups?
  2. by   Otessa
    We do the wight based Lovenox as well 1mg/kg-we have to waste from whatever appropriate syringe to get the correct dose.
  3. by   rehab nurse
    sorry, i didn't see glasgow3's question about my situation.

    the issue is this. an admit came in, day shift had gotten the admit at noon, but didn't write out the MAR or fax anything to the pharmacy. the original order was for 55mg.
    that night, the dose was given at 55mg as ordered. the next day, day shift nurse (same one from day before) said you can waste out of the syringe. i tried to tell her, that yes, you CAN infact waste out of the larger syringes, but not the 30mg or 40mg syringe, as it's not calibrated. thie 55mg was taken from the 60mg syringe, which is calibrated on the side.
    nevertheless, it was still written up as a med error. why? because the nurses there have no clue why lovenox is given as a weight based med sometimes. i can't help that. but managment thinks the exact same way. this information is everywhere: on the manufacturer instructions, in the PDR, nurses drug book, etc. this is a LTC. they are in the dark ages.

    that's why i came here to see what other nurses do. i know i'm right. i just wanted some more people to tell me they do the same thing.

    hope that clears things up a bit.