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Hi all, I received a letter late Friday telling me I was a "fact witness" , NOT a defendant, in a lawsuit regarding a procedure I was involved in, last April 2001! Has anyone else ever had this... Read More

  1. by   nell
    Jas, just to make you feel better:

    We just had this sort of thing come up on my unit. Several nurses had to give depositions in a lawsuit concerning a patient who died. They reviewed the medical record first. One told me how glad she was to see that she'd documented pertinent labwork before giving a medication that can contribute to the illness the patient died from (I wouldn't have known to document it - I have improved my documentation since...).

    It was really scary, but the lawsuit was dropped against all but the MD. There is a lot of fishing that goes on in the beginning of a case - most of it never goes anywhere.

    Take a deep breath, stick to the facts, you'll be okay.
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  2. by   Jenny P
    I had a co-worker/friend who was asked to give a deposition and told not to discuss it with anyone before the deposition. She was not named as a defendant, just told to discuss the facts. She HONESTLY BELIEVED that the hospital lawyers would be fair with her. At the deposition; they ripped her to shreads nd spit her out.
    She is no longer a nurse. Her confidence in her (excellent!) nursing skills is shot. She should have had her own lawyer.