Anyone in Ft. Myers or Naples FL area??

  1. i am in a bsn program right now, with plans to continue on to cnm-msn asap. i am in rural s.-central florida right now and i'm thinking about moving to ft.myers/naples but here's my question:
    in order to go to most cnm programs i'll need 1+ year of l&d experience - where i live now i feel like i have an excellent chance at going immediately to l&d when i graduate (they are always needing people, and i sort of have "connections"). i am wondering if anyone can tell me whether i could resonably expect to get a position in l&d in the lee/collier area just out of school? i don't know if it makes any difference, but i get mostly a's in my program, have taken the focep childbirth educator course, and will probably be an ibclc by the time i graduate.
    tia for any feedback you can email me at if you'd prefer.
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