Anyone here go from LPN/LVN to RN and if so, how?

  1. Did anyone get their RN doing online courses and local clincals? If so, did you have any problems getting hired on as an RN after completing that online program and passing the NCLEX-RN??

    How did you do the LPN to RN thing?
    How long were you an LPN before going into a bridge program?
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  3. by   DeLynn
    Started with Excelsior right after LPN graduation. Took 2 years to complete, I had 2 years LPN under my belt when I finished with RN program. Absolutely no problems getting hired with this education.
  4. by   DelanaRN
    DeLynn, Did you have student loans out the Yin Yang?
    Did you like the Excelsior program?
    Was it extremely difficult (being it's primarily distance based)?
    Would you go that route again?
    Did you have a hard time getting your clinicals for the RN done?
    Did you go part time or full time?
    Are you glad you went that route?
    Did you get your ADN or BSN?
  5. by   DeLynn
    I'm glad I did the Exclesior program because I was able to begin right away. With the traditional route I would have to get all my prereq's done before I could even apply to a program.
    My employer paid for some of program, so that helped.
    There are NO clinicals with this program. You test out of everything, including clinicals. The clinical test is 3 days long. You have to be a LPN, Respiratory therapist, and a few other licensed people are allowed.
    The hardest part of the program is the clinical test, but I took Chancellor's care lab, and they helped a lot.
    Hope this helps.