Anyone doing the online ADN to BSN thing??

  1. Hi everyone,
    I've decided that maybe I should go back and get my BSN. I just feel that I would be much more "marketable" with this degree onboard. I'm thinking that I someday want to leave "bedside nursing" and get into the telephone triage thing. I've seen some ad's for this type of work and most really want a BSN. I know that I must continue to work full-time while persuing my BSN, so I was kinda leaning towards the "online" BSN program. I've been looking at some and the one's i've seen seem quite "spendy' "too spendy". I was just wondering if anyone is in or has gone thru an online program??? If so, was it affordable? I already have loans up the whazoo from my ADN program...I just can't afford too much more. you have to do clinicals? If so, where do you do them? Did you like the program? And...would you recommend it to others? Thanks so much guys...any info you could share would be really great!! By the way...I'm in Wisconsin...any good online programs in the state?? Ok...enough questions...thanks again....
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix online ADN to BSN to MSN. I've been there since Nov 2002 and love it. It has been very easy, supportive instructors, etc.. As to clinicals - well that has been a stumbling block. I had initially been told there were NO clinicals required because we were experienced nurses. However, I'm in the third class and now they want me to sign a clinical form and I need to find more info on this. As to price - by the time I get my MSN, I will have spent $20,000. I get $5600 loan payback per year from my hospital and an additional $1800/year for tuition reimbursement, so some of my stuff is paid for. I personally fought this, but feel now that you will need at least a BSN to get out of bedside nursing, so off to school I go. Email me privately if you have questions...judi
  4. by   nursetee627
    Please inform us of what the program really consist of is it a alot of reading ,papers or is the instructors in a classroom environment teaching .
  5. by   traumaRUs
    University of Phoenix involves regular textbooks, reading assignments and written papers plus team projects. I spend approx 2 hours a day online in class.