Anyone attending nursing school in Las Vegas?

  1. Hello my name is Jessica and I will be moving to LV in May. I am currently in Albuquerque, NM. I am taking pre-reqs for the ADN program. For unforseen reasons I am having to move soon. I called CCSN and spoke with a lady at the health departments and she was not so friendly. I would like to know your experience with the school and how long the wait is for the program. Or how it works. She would not tell me much. If anyone can please give me some info. I have taken A & P I and II, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Communications, Math 100B, and English101, all I need (for the program out here) is Microbiology and another Psychology. Is this similiar to the pre-reqs over there? Please any info or help would be appreciated. THanks so much!

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