anybody heard of this school?

  1. Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous board!!!

    I have been informed of a school called "Enterprise" that lets you take the RN courses online and then go to San Francisco to take the clinicals onsite.

    I did lots of searching and have come up with nothing. Anybody knowledgable?

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  3. by   mopsi
    There is EXCELCIOR in NY state...the old Regent's program..They have tons of clinical sites...but the program isn't on line..Books study guides and CLEP on the courses...I want to take an online one if it's out there...I have heard of several RN TO BSN on line.My library even has a book listing the schools, cost, ect....
  4. by   P_RN
    It's called distance education.

    This is the Excelsior College site.

    They have several sites across the country where you do a brief clinical exam and are graded by one of their proctors on your skills. It is expensive and just as hard as any nursing school. I know several people who have done their degree this way.

  5. by   bmatous
    There is also The University of Phoenix which is on-line. Not sure how clinicals are handled, but I believe they are done at your site and you don't have to go anywhere!
  6. by   prison_goddess
    UNLV has an online program. (University of North Las Vegas) I think the university in Reno has one also. They do this due to all the rural areas in nevada. My only draw back is I would have to re-take all my pre-rec due to being over 5 years old.
    good luck!