Any St. Elizabeth Health Center Alum?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to know if there are any potential/current/grads of St. Elizabeth Health Center, Nurse Anesthesia, Inc. in Youngstown, Ohio?

    I'm planning on applying to the program.

    I would like to get your input on the program? Interview process? etc.

    Any info will help.


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  3. by   Kmd317
    Don't know anything about the program personally but maybe you could contact some schools nursing faculty in the area. Youngstown State or Kent State may be able to give you some guidance. If you contact Mary Lou Feranto at Kent State Salem branch she may be able to give you some advice. Don't know if that helps but just a thought.

  4. by   MaleAPRN
    Thanks, Kristen. I'll try that route.