Any nurses out there that work from hom

  1. I am curious to see if there are any nurses out there that work from their homes?
    If so, what do you do?

    I have always wanted to work from home and now that I have been a nurse for 8 years and am currently unemployed I wanted to attempt to transion into a work from home position.

    Just not sure WHAT to do..

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  3. by   NurseLinda
    I've owned my own business from home since 1991 when I started with a full medical cost containment corporation. Moved on to Medical Fraud Investigation/LNC and then spent 4 years TRYING to build a nutritional business (left me $10,000 in debt) and now own a very lucrative Internet/Home based business totally away from healthcare. I wanted to be home with my boys and I'm having the time of my life! Never dreamed I could actually make more money than in Nursing,.. so I guess I've been blessed...

    If this is your DREAM, do what you have to do to make it happen!! Lots of benefits such as part of house expenses related to business, write off trips, NO time clocks...

    Hope this helps...

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
  4. by   KyRNBSN
    I am working some off the internet as we speak.. but its not enough to "quit my day job" I'm curious as to what things you are doing online? MLM? and the likes?
    I've found a newer program I am really interested in called Going Platinum
    I had to read the fine details about 5 times before I understood it all but it seems like a winner so I signed up.. (Being a very skeptical person I had to read it over and over) anyway.. Its free to join but its not really MLM.. They are going to be an online community that pays members commissions from advertisers for time spent online as well as Free ISP with DSL and a whole lot more..
    check it out and see what you think


  5. by   Pamela67
    I have a friend who works for a company called Cerner. Try and see what they have to offer. She works at home with the computer. I am not exactly sure what she does, but she seemes to enjoy it and she sees her children more often. Good Luck!
  6. by   KyRNBSN
    I'm going to check out that site and see what its all about

    I appreciate the input!!

  7. by   lita1857
    I do pediatric telephone triage at home. I am paid by a hospital as an employee(AKA hourly wage/benefits) I pay for my 2 phone lines($19.95 per line)I use one for fax and one for phone/computer.I am not able to "quit my day job" either but I also don't do it 40hrs per week.
  8. by   KyRNBSN
    Now thats an Idea, Was this something your hospital advertised or did you approach them with your offer?

    I checked out the cerner site listed about and it gives some information but never answers any questions. After looking for the job listings after about 30 minutes I finally found it, and nothing there I was qualified for or was not possible because of location.. Thanks for the link though.

    Thanks friends, I'd like to keep this topic going so that everyone that has ideas, or is actually working from home can post their ideas and successes here.

    thanks again

  9. by   p.rabbit

    Hi. I applaud your efforts to look beyond and into your future. I am in Sacramento, Ca and also have diversified a bit. I still work full time as a Critical Care Nurse (currently, unfortunately recovering from a back injury at work) and started a home-business about 2.5 years ago with Excel Communications. We use network marketing to distribute our communications services (long distance, paging, ISP, wireless) and our company is now #4 in N. America. I will succeed, won't quit and see it as my early retirement.
    Now, I thoroughly recommend that you look around and find something you love and then commit at least 5 years to it. Network Marketing is a business that has strong similarities to Nursing. The more you serve others by helping them improve their lives, the more successful you become. And your company's products should be enriching your customers lives as well. At Excel we help people communicate at a fair price and offer superior customer service when compared with the BIGGER telecom companies.
    Although network marketing or any home business is not for everyone, it is a wonderful tax-shelter, a way to be your own boss and finally the way to be the CEO of your own company.
    I invite you to have a look at Excel. At my webpage <> you can follow the link to the company and even see an on-line presentation of how our business works. Additionally, we are linked to 2 Internet shopping "malls" which allows us to grab a little piece of all that e-commerce shopping that is going on.

    There is a lot of very good information on the Internet about Network Marketing. If you want some great links, email me or (ICQ #69459714).
    Nursing has been great, but my back is wearing out. When my home-business income flies past my Nursing income..........VOILA',,,,,,,,,,,,retired Nurse!!!!

    Good luck in your endeavors, Happy Holidays and

    see you in the winners circle!

  10. by   lita1857
    The ideas and info on this site are great! I myself can not figure out how to obtain money for services I could do thru a website. AKA I could do pediatric illness/wellness questions but can't figure how this would work...I'm not giving up, just need time to do the homework. To answer the question, nurses in pediatric clinics in the hospitals in this area were doing telephone triage, so the nurses swayed the local private peds to try the service from 5pm(office closes) till 8am(re-open)weekends/holidays... to say it was a sucess seems very conservative...
  11. by   KyRNBSN
    Thanks P. rabbit.

    I've always wanted to be either self employed or Work from home. Coming from a long line of family entrepreneurs. I think its in my genes. I have just never had the "know how" or funds to do such a thing. Sure, I could take over my dad's business that was started by my grandfather in 1932, but somehow, selling hardware and industrial supplies is just not my cup of tea LOL

    There is another place online, Cognigen, not sure if your famaliar with it It is more of an affiliate type program however they deal with communications, Dish Network, Cellular phones, pagers, calling cards and a lot more. They even have webpages designed for you and you can order printed materials to use in your sales offline. I have been affiliated with them for almost a year however, I lack the know how when it comes to making sales and generating leads online.

    I do however, have a sweepstakes and contest site online that I am using affiliate programs to provide content, I get paid a small fee, .25 and up for each entry and lead I provide from my site. I am NOT an HTML wizard so its not the most professionally designed site out there but better than some. I've made about $3000 this year from that, and thats not including the last quarter sales which have yet to be determined. Not enough to quit my day job, but its a start..

    I'm getting better at the html and am learning more and more each day when it comes to promoting my website, I average about 100 Unique visitors each day now.. took me a year to get here though.

    Thanks Again
  12. by   longforseaair
    KyRNBSN, I tried your link and it wouldn't find. Help? Thanks...
  13. by   KyRNBSN
    I just tried the link myself and it worked..Maybe the site was down for maintanence or something when you hit it.
    here it is again just in case

    See if that works!

  14. by   NurseLinda
    I LOVED the input on Network Marketing!! While Multi-Level is VERY slow/hard to build (tried it for four years in a nutritional products industry) to build a business WE own as a TEAM just makes sense. When I started my corporation in 1991 (invested $70,000), I had NO HELP whatsoever! With my internet/home based business with eFlash, I invested a few hundred dollars and have total training/support and an income in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 weekly now. The secret here guys is to find something YOU enjoy and believe in and DIVERSIFY out of the employee world!! We'll NEVER have wealth while working to make some boss or employer rich!


    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN (

    "We must take a sincere LOOK at our PERSONAL GOALS, and then carefully choose a PATH that will lead us to the realization of those goals to find true fulfillment and happiness!
    Linda Hutchinson/RN