Any insight about being a military/army nurse?

  1. Hello there,
    I am a nursing student who recently went to the Toronto Nursing Career Fair. I am interested in being a military nurse because I value about my learning needs and the military nurse recruiter stated that the military does not push nurses to learn at their pace or within the nurse's learning pace. The recruiter said that I can be buddied up with another nurse for 6 months and I can take little as 2 pts a shift and increase the number of pts as I become more comfortable.
    The recruiter mentioned other great benefits but I am worried about the catch of joining the military.
    I am aware that the military will be willing to assist me pay back my government student loan for my college and university tuition fee but I have to serve 3 years. I don't think that is a big deal but I am scared that I might die, be disabled or harmed in other ways during combat. The recruiter said that I somewhat have a say but if there is a war, I will be obligated to go to the location of war right? I don't know what military contracts are like.

    Please feel free to share your experiences. I see that joining the military is an option but would like to hear more about it.

    Looking foward from hearing from you!
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  3. by   Quiskeya
    I am looking into this myself. I have an appointment with a recruiter in 2 weeks. You need to be informed and well prepared, they might sell you a lot of good info that might be to good to be true. I want to be aware of everysingle thing regarding the life of a military nurse before I join them. Good luck.
  4. by   anonymurse
    Don't worry about dying and stuff. If there's anyone the military cherishes and protects, it's the folks who save their lives when things go bad.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Check out the military and government nursing forum.