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  1. i have been an lpn for 1 year now, i love the patient care aspect of it, and have been working ltc for the year, BUT, first of all, the DON's at ltc facilities act as if they have no idea what it's like to work the floor, and have no understanding or care about the short staffing problems that are a danger to residents....i also have a misdemeanor theft charge from 1997, it is hard to find jobs where they don't check your background, i am a different person than i was then ,and was only that person for a moment r/t to a horrible marriage, i just didn't care about anything, nevertheless, is there anything i can do that would be more administrative in function, any other kinds of work an lpn can do besides ltc, i intend to get my rn online but for now i must work somwehere, does anyone have any suggestions? are there any other sectors open to an lpn? and believe me i would never repeat my past and my employers have never had reason to worry about my honesty on the job...please help............thank you
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    If you like to do care plans and read nurses notes, check t see if your employer allows LPN's to do MDS and let them know you are interested. it is a good way to get you feet wet and show them how responsible you are and your professional capability.
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    Clinic work?
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    can you be more specific? what kind of clinic work? thanks
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    Quote from vickivicki1
    can you be more specific? what kind of clinic work? thanks
    I was thinking maybe MD clinic, women's health, maybe Planned Parenthood, etc. I am not sure what kind of clinics are in your area and what clinic uses LPN's, but there are several of different types of clinics out there and it might be looking into.