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I am currently in a RN program and will be graduating in May. I would appreciate any advice anyone has to give about the world of nursing. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   Mytlibra
    Great advice! Thanks to everyone for posting. I'll be finished in May and I just wanted to be as prepared as I can. I'm taking notes from the information posted so that I'll remember the guidance everyone is giving. Thanks so much. I'm very nervous about entering nursing. I hope there is more good than bad. Thanks again. :roll
  2. by   TreceRN
    Welcome to the profession, and please don't let those on the message board who continually profess the "horrors" of nursing scare you off. Some people seem to have an insatiable need to blame all of their professional defeats and stuggles at the feet of the "all-evil administration empire" and never look at themselves to question why on earth they go to work every morning (or night) if it makes them so miserable. I think you'll find that there are many incredibly wonderful opportunities to practice your chosen profession in an environment that fosters healing and compassionate care for caregivers as well as patients. I happen to work in one of those places, and while it certainly is not perfect and I have my share of stress and anxiety, I go to work every morning with the belief that today I have an opportunity to make a positive contribution in someone's life. Maybe that seems to idealistic to some of you out there, but that's why I went into nursing and the day that I cannot say that anymore is the day I move on to something else
  3. by   MandyInMS
    Good luck and best wishes
    Guess the best advice I can think of is to be assertive and always stand up for yourself/your pts when you know you are right...but also be able to admit your shortcomings and be willing to work on them.