Any advice???

  1. I'd like to start LPN training this fall, and then go into RN+

    I'm worried about two things. . . .

    1. Are there any LPN programs that would begin in the Fall that I could get aid for?

    2. What is on the NET? What do I need to study? I'm dyslexic -- although, I read plenty well enough to score 99% on the GED, and I'm great with science / math. . . . Any advice?

    Thanks SOOO much.
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  3. by   sierra123
    If I were you I would just go for the RN program if you can get in. The program is not that much longer and you will make alot more money. There are always programs starting in the fall but the overload of applicants is the problem. I am sure you could get aid or at least student loans. What state do you live in? Go to a community college to start you make the same as graduating with your bachelors as you do with your associates and you are still a RN and take the same boards!! Good Luck to you!!!!
  4. by   RevBKPrince
    Thanks so very much. I'm in Ohio -- I've filed the FAFSA for aid. . . but, they're still doing whatever it is that they do. . . . I think, in order to go to the RN Program at the Columbus State I have to have biology, chemistry, and patient care tech skills. . . something like that. I'll have to look into the RN Program at Central Ohio Tech. . . I know I'll have to do biology and chemistry (because it's bee 5, 6 years since I've taken them) but, other than that, I should be ok. Thanks SOOO much for your advice.