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And here I am back again! I thought since you guys are a fountain of information for broken bones, that you could also help me with this one. I have found some stuff on the internet already, but... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    To all students:

    Read the first two articles. They will really help you in narrowing down information:

    Nursing Research Search Engine Tips


    CINAHL =Cummulative index of nursing and Allied HealthInformation
    Lists most nursing journals and articles published---should be available free in nursing schools and college libraries

    For general searching I've found following meta search engines valuable:

    Wealth of links here:
    ANA Nursing Links sections:

    Using google found these articles that synthesis material
    Bladder and urethral repair

    Bladder Neck Suspension Nursing Care: Preop, Postop, and ...

    Perspectives in Nursing "Recovery Stratagies from the OR to Home" is committed to providing timely and relevant information on postoperative recovery strategies.
    Found for the first time on search for the above topic...check it out!

    We can help students in highlighting classic long as they've done some searching first.
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  2. by   Jenny P
    Thank you, NRSKarenRN. You are so astute. My original purpose for my (as I now read it) grouchy first posting was to get the student to do her own research; start working on her papers; THEN come and ask for help if and when they get stuck. Your first 2 articles are perfect and help the students find what they need to know to do their research.

    Since I've joined this BB, we have had other students in the past that have come here looking for easy answers for their studies, and they have been told to do their own homework. I guess that was part of why I was so sharp in my posting. I do apologise (and have done so) to Panda - and all who got upset with me on this.

    Jenny P