Another try...writing brass & beaucrats

  1. Howdy everyone! I am new here...and just trying to get this darn post sent! First of all..really enjoy this site! I find it very informative & a way to de-stress!

    I wanted to ask some advise of you very wise nurses..okay, I have written to my Congressman & also to Congresswoman Lois Capps regarding the nursing shortage (increase our wages, provide better benefits, patio/ratio...etc...and there may not be a nursing shortage!...versus her "Nurse Reinvestment Act"). Received an automated response from the brass. Also written to Tom Brokaw...thinking of writing to the gals on "The View" & David Letterman. Anyone else that I can email to that may take an active interest?

    Has there been a "Million Nurse" Walk...such as the Million Man walk that was held in D.C....years ago? Just curious & persistent.

    Any info appreciated.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Welcome Welshgirl.

    Probably writing all of the above is good. I frequent the Editorial page of our paper. The governor maybe?

    And while there is such a "march" it's not advocated by this board.
  4. by   Welshgirl
    Hello P_RN,

    Thanks for the input. But, why is the march not advocated by this board? I don't understand. Would you please fill me in, I am a new member & just trying to better our profession. Thanks!