Another "job" thread from me... ;)

  1. Hello again
    Sorry if I am becoming annoying by asking so many questions, but this is the only place I know to turn for advice! :imbar I applied for a position a while back at the local hospital, and after about 2 weeks I called HR to see where I stood, and they said all they could tell me was if the position had been filled or not. According to them, it was no longer listed, so I applied for a few other open positions and noticed that the position I originally had applied for was still posted after all... sooo, I updated my application for that posting while I was at it *shrug*
    Well, at this point, I don't really want to call HR, because I'm not sure that will get me anywhere, so I have been advised to call the director of the unit that I want to work in, but I have absolutely NO idea what to say... Can anyone give me any pointers? Other than saying, "I would really like to work on your floor", I am clueless, and I'm pretty sure that won't get me very far LOL :chuckle I would really like to land this job if possible so any help at all will be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for all your help, everyone! And thanks for listening to me ramble
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  3. by   iluvdetroit
    How about something like, "Hello. I'm an RN and I feel like I could be a good fit for the open position that you have listed on your floor. I was wondering if you had filled it yet, and, if not, if I could possibly come in and discuss it with you?" Then she will either say something like, "Go to HR and apply for it and if I like your application I will call you", or, "Can you tell me why you feel that you would be a good fit for this job?" at which point you can list your qualifications to her.

    Good luck! : )