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  1. So, I am a new graduate having a hard time finding a job like everyone else but I am taking my boards in a couple weeks and hoping things will improve by the the meantime, I have accepted a position at an agency that serves people with disabilities which I have done the last four years. I decided to take this job because I have no benefits right now (health) and figure I can stay put there until the market for new graduate RNs opens up. Not what I had in mind after suffering through nursing school but I am accepting the way things are for now.
    AT the second interview, the recruiter told me the starting salary and it is a little less than what I make currently! I was so shocked I didn't say anything...but was kinda insulted and thought "should I even do this?" I cannot stay at my current job after I am licensed as an Rn so I def need a job asap because who knows when I will get a Nursing position (which I still plan on looking i the meantime). So, after accepting the position, the day after I sent the recruiter an email, saying that I will be making less money now and is this typical since I have experience in the field, a Bachelors degree in another field and an associates degree in Nursing?! I thought I'd atleast make the same amount or a little more. So she writes back that the salary is based on "general" work experience (I have been working for about 12 years) and education, but that everyone in the field starts out making the same salary...which makes no sense to me.
    So I am just looking for advice on my next step. Should I just take the position and wait until I can find an RN position (because I really need a job and benefits Right Now). Or is there anything I can do to make this lady believe that I am worth more than they want to start me out with...
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the long post!
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  3. by   robalina
    I think you should determine what you can live with and stick to your price. Don't accept less than you can live with. Stand your ground! or Ask for more benefits such as more paid vacation etc. etc. Good Luck!
  4. by   ybq2008
    Are you willing to move? I know new grads who graduated in May and have jobs lined up after boards this month and next month. It really depends on the region/specialty. If you're willing to relo, it might open a few more doors. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time finding your first RN job. I agree with the previous poster, hold your ground. Your degree and experience should definitely count for something. But, if you have bills to pay and mouths to feed, the pride may have to be compromised just a little bit. Good luck and God bless!
  5. by   mommyonamission
    If you're willing to lose the offer of this job, then I agree - stand your ground. Tell them you're interested in the position and would like to accept BUT you would need to make X minimum salary to move forward. Salary negotiation isn't fun and always puts the candidate in the hot seat because if they're vulnerable and really need some sort of income, but it can work for your benefit. At the end of the day, you'll know for sure how much they reall want you onboard.
  6. by   blackpants22
    Thank you all for the advice. If I had received other offers I probably would be more adamant about the money, but I hate confrontation and knowing me I will leave it alone. I need to find something because I support my boyfriend who is a quad, and moving is not an option. I've applied/called every hospital. So I think for now, I will deal with it and probably walk away the moment I receive another offer.