Another Fun Look Back - How To Evacuate Patients During A Fire

  1. Circa 1950's.

    Just cannot imagine doing all this in starched whites, a cap, and the *ahem* heavy duty under gear of the period. Just wonder how many nurses were left flat on their backs for weeks afterwards. There is some serious body mechanics gong on here. *LOL*

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    Well since am on a tear, here are two near and dear to one's heart since the place is in our neighborhood.

    Vintage footage from Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City.

    1948 Medicine, Hospitals: Lenox Hill Hospital 22536-2 | Footage Farm - YouTube

    New York City Lenox Hill Hospital Surgery 22536-8 | Footage Farm - YouTube

    Lenox Hill Hospital is located on the "ahem" wealthy Upper East Side of Manhattan (it is between Park and Lexington Avenues), and long was associated as the hospital of "rich and famous". Natasha Richardson was flown from Montreal to LHH for treatment after a head injury. More recently Beyoncé chose to give birth twice at LHH.

    Being as all this may all that prestige and so forth couldn't save LHH and it was in dire financial situation at the same time Saint Vincent's was preparing to meet its Maker. The bankruptcy and final closing of STV forced the hand of LHH some say (they had fielded offers but wanted to remain a private institution, to accept the purchase by then North Shore-Long Island Jewish (now Northwell) who paid all cash for LHH's system.

    Lenox Hill Hospital - North Shore LI-J - YouTube

    Though closed in 1973 the LHH school of nursing still has an active alumni society:
    Alumnae Association of Lenox Hill Hospital School of Nursing | Northwell Health

    Happily some have also even created blogs/webpages for posterity.

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