Anger Mgmt. or 'Ping'; 'Plop', what the...

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen; Your Attention Please.

    Morale Low?

    When you get home, a fight ensues with your significant other at the drop of a hat and you're not talking?
    Then have I got the answer for you and if a dollar-two-ninety-eight was all it cost too rid your home of the pesky, sonofafrittinrattafrattincrats, wouldn't you want it? Ofcourse you would; already then; betts, presents you with(r u sitting?);

    RED ONES signifies: you best leave my sight, say nary a word! Unless you're going to present me with diamonds.
    BLUE ONES " : your trying my patience!
    GREEN ONES " : I need space...
    YELLOW ONES " : TICKED but not overly.
    WHITE ONES : : lets talk

    Now picture this; you've just had a major disagreement and your significant other just sits without saying a word, when suddenly...'PING'; they've just been introduced, upside their head with a Colored Marshmallow! What the? Then a smile, laughter; you're hugging and cuddling. It works 9 out of 10 times.
    The one-time is because they are innoxious from the amount of alcohol consumed. Nothing is fumnnier that getting 'PINGED' upside the head with a marshmallow. My husband and I have been using that technique for many years now; it works.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    My husband and I found that those styrofoam packing peanuts were the best "hostility-relievers" a marriage could ever have-- and we found out about them the week before we got married. We had our worst arguement then, and I was unpacking a something when I got so mad that I threw a handfull of the packing peanuts at him as hard as I could. Of course, they went flying out of my hand for about an inch -and then fluttered slowly down to the floor! We have kept that box of peanuts all of these past 26+ years but have never used them again-- we just don't get that mad at each other!
  4. by   kids
    WOW! I love the marshmallow idea. I have to try it-- it will sure do away with having to administer first aid when I get his attention-up side his head with objects that go thud. I think he'll like this idea better too!

    Me & my hubby must be old fashioned...

    We actually prefer a good old wrestling match. Besides, all that rolling around on the floor can lead to only good things