1. Hello Everyone,
    I am a new member to I am looking forward to corresponding with all of you on interesting topics. To begin introductions, My name is Angie RN, BSN, BA. I live in Baltimore County, Maryland. I am 36 years old and have been a nurse for almost 8 years. I also have a psyc degree prior to nursing school which took me nowhere career wise and financially. I do not have a specialty in nursing, per say, but I have lots of experience. I began working in the hosptial setting on tele. It was too overwhelming for me being a new nurse, and then soon after I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder. I then moved onto skilled nursing in a nursing home where I worked for two years (I also did MDS nursing for 6 months while in this setting). Next, I moved onto Home Health and soon after became a liaison nurse for Lifebridge Health. I'm now working for an agency that has placed me in many unique settings where I have gained additional and wonderful experience.

    I am now searching for a job where I can work from home. On top of having anxiety disorder, I also have Tourette's (I don't curse or yell out), and Narcolepsy. It is very difficult for me to work shift work, and the hospital setting is too anxiety-provoking for me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get employed with someone who will allow me to work from home? I also thought about medical transcription. Can I bypass all the technical training courses since I am a nurse?

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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. I moved out of introductions since you are asking for advice. I hope that others can come up with some ideas that work for you.
  4. by   ajcy
    Thanks, Tweety, I appreciate you moving my thread.

  5. by   CritterLover
    how comfortable are you with your telemetry skills? any peds experience? there are telemetry monitoring companies that pay nurses to monitor kids at home. they activate an "event" button when something goes wrong, and the nurse looks at the rhythm and calls the patient to determie if the patient needs to go to the hospital or needs treatment. i've never done this (so i don't know the details), but i worked with a girl who did.

    i would think you could do transcription, but it won't pay you what you'd make as a nurse.

    with computer access being what it is today, i would think that you could do some sort of case management at home.

    what about telephone triage?

    the company i work for has an rn on call after hours/on weekends to help home infusion patients troubleshoot their iv pumps and infusions when they have problems.

    i would think there would be some jobs (like case management) that though not normally done from home, probably could be without much trouble.

    good luck!
  6. by   ajcy
    Thanks for responding CritterLover. You gave me some good ideas.

  7. by   miracle1986
    Hi AJCY !

    With your is going to be hard. A good paying job that will accept all your medical conditions may be doing medical insurance approvals. It is a desk job. Your own space. Your own time frame. I admire you for wanting to keep on nursing.
  8. by   ajcy
    Thanks for the support, Miracle 1986. I thought about doing medical insurance approvals, but I'm such a patient advocate that I hate to deny services to someone who is in need of them. My search continues and I'm sure I'll find something to meet my needs.