ANA call for abstracts- question

  1. The deadline is approaching for the ANA Quality Conference.
    I'd like to submit something re: my quality improvement work which I'm really excited about. Here's an excerpt from the email:

    your achievements to key nursing leaders
    Maximize your impact on patient outcomes
    Communicate your organization's work
    Build your professional profile and add to your experience"

    My question is, can I "communicate my organization's work?" The reason I ask is, we have a nursing research day in our hospital system coming up, and when I approached my manager (who is not a nurse) about doing a poster on my QI work, he said I should not do that (not much elaboration on his part, but it sounded like he didn't want to share secrets).

    Have any of you published/submitted your QI work? Is this frowned upon? I had previously thought this was something nurses should strive toward. Could anyone share an experience with this?
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  3. by   jadelpn
    There may be a policy that any QI work you do for the organization, on their dime, "belongs" to them. You could speak with your compliance officer and confirm. If you use their facility/data to create QI initiatives, then most facilities want to control the sharing of that information.

    Unfortunetely, it becomes a matter of getting little credit for great initiatives, but some are widely used as a facilities own.
  4. by   SHGR
    I just think it's funny that he didn't want me to even do a poster for an event that will only be attended by nurses from our hospital/clinic system.
    Basically, it's an issue that I've researched extensively on my own time just because I feel passionately about it (as does the ADA, HEDIS, NCQA, etc.! I'm in good company!).

    So I would like to know how other organizations deal with this (besides academia, in which nurse educators might be expected or required to publish). Obviously, we're not Magnet.