Amount of Patient Education?

  1. I need a little research help! And this is the best place to start

    I know that a nurse's time is really stretched pretty thin these days, but how much time would you say you able to spend on patient education per patient/family, and what area or specialty are you in? Has this amount of time had much change over the last 3-5 years for you?

    I appreciate your input!
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  3. by   KatWright
    I know what you mean.
    I know that the amount of time that I spend teaching has decreased tremendously, but then so has the amount of time that the patient stays in the hospital.
    I work on a Cancer unit and they need alot of teaching, we are lucky to have a folder with very brief info in it.
    So, what I do is
    I give them paper and a pen (I save them from drug inservices)
    I encourage them to keep a journal about what is happeneing (tests that have been done, lab results, doctors names and specialities. and I encourage them to write down their questions and leave space for the answer.)
    I give them some sort of educational material and teach them how to do a little research on their own. Who to call for more info, what web sites to use, etc.
    I have been doing this for a while and for the most part (>80%) they like it. It gives them something to do and they learn more by reading or doing, or listening. Everyone has different learning styles, and you barely have time to do what I do much less figure that out!!
    Also, I always ask that the family appoint ONE spokesperson. I cannot take care of the patients if I am on the phone talking to every brother, sister, child, inlaws, aunt and uncle much less grandma and grandpa (both sets!!!) When you tell them that their family member can't get care if you are on the phone, they are pretty good.
    A successful stay (for the patient/family) really begins on admission. Start them out right !!
    Good Luck
  4. by   egmorgan
    I work on a Tele unit, and I guess I spend about a 30-45 minutes teaching somebody about open heart surgery, 30-45 minutes is about as long a time as I have to spend with my patients, that is why our unit is working toward improving our patient education tools, video etc. Usually I take about 15 minutes for discharge instructions, 5 minutes for incisional care. It depends, and is a challenge to find time.
    If I have to teach a patient about diabetes I guess I take about 30 minutes per shift to talk, giving them handouts, books, videos etc. Of course it depends of the patients learning styles which is something that you find out on admission. I wish we had a full time nurse on the unit that is responsible for patient education, that would be so cool, and so useful...