American Indian health care a national embarrassment - page 2

Recently in North Dakota, a woman from the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation had severe chest pains and extremely high blood pressure. At a local IHS clinic, she was diagnosed as having a heart... Read More

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    Quote from carolmaccas66
    I cannot believe that a country such as the US who prides itself on being 'modern' and a 'leader in the world' has such backward health care. To bill someone for chest pain is the height of insanity and ridiculousness. Anybody, especially the elderly, should not be billed for ANY health care - a $10,000 bill would send them into a heart attack. I hope it go taken to a court of law (I couldn't open the article to read it).
    And correct me if wrong, doesn't it say in the American constitution that all men are equal or words to that effect?
    This would never happen down here. I msyelf don't know if someone has private or no health insurance & I don't care - everyone gets the same, free treatment, especially for health care.
    Where is "Down here" ?